New Home Construction Rebates with Fortis BC

FortisBC adopted the BC Energy Step Code as the energy performance standard for the New Home Program. Build a home more energy efficient than the minimum BC Building Code requirements and you can qualify for a home performance rebate ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 from Fortis. This is above any rebates provided by municipalities.


To qualify for rebates through this program, the home(s) must be:

  • new construction
  • built in FortisBC’s natural gas or electricity service areas
  • a maximum of four storeys high

one of the following:

  • detached house (may include a secondary suite)
  • attached house (e.g. semi-detached, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, row house or attached house with or without a secondary suite)
  • laneway home

Review all the terms and conditions. Rebate detailsBuild a home to BC Energy Step Code 2 or higher using natural gas space and water heating (or electricity space and water heating in FortisBC’s electricity service area) and qualify for:

  • home performance rebates ranging from $1,000 to $8,000
  • energy advisor evaluation rebates
  • natural gas fireplaces and dryers and drain water heat recovery rebates

See the BC Energy Step Code requirement in the community you’re building in. Then view the home performance rebate for each step below.

Performance Rebate Energy Advisor Support Additional Rebates
Step 2 –  $1,000We provide  $500  total in energy advisor support:ENERGY STAR natural gas dryer – $100
Step 3 –  $2,000mid-construction – the energy advisor receives  $100EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace– $300
Step 4 –  $4,000construction completed – the builder receives   $400Drain water heat recovery system –  $250
Step 5 –  $8,000 1Connected Thermostats – $100

Island AeroBarrier Can Help

Island AeroBarrier has Energy Advisors on staff that can help you to achieve the higher levels of the Step Code. By committing to AeroBarrier at the start of the planning stage, savings on the cost of construction can often be achieved by reducing labour and material costs. For more information please contact us.