How AeroBarrier Works

Watch this brief 2-minute video.

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A four step process is all it takes

Setup & Prep AeroBarrier

Setup & Prep

The portable AeroBarrier equipment is brought to the job-site in a trailer and the space is prepared. Preparation includes taping or covering any areas that won’t be sealed. Emitters are setup throughout the building and hoses are connected from the outside equipment to the emitters.

Pressurize AeroBarrier


Pressurize the space with the use of a blower door. A computer does the rest, including the control of temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of sealant during the process.

Seal AeroBarrier

Seal & Monitor

See the results in real-time. Throughout the application process, the computer monitor displays the ACH improvement, allowing you full control over your desired level of envelope tightness and the leakage reduction.

reports AeroBarrier

Pre and Post Leakage Reports

Run a final blower door test to verify the sealing results. At the end of the process, receive an AeroBarrier Certificate, with a pre and post leakage report.