Breakthrough Envelope Sealing Technology

AeroBarrier is a proven and award winning technology for sealing the air leaks in your home or building. Using a high-powered fan to pressurize the building, the sealant is sprayed to fog all of the interior. The escaping air carries the sealant with it, and in a short amount of time it accumulates, and seals the air leaks.

Benefits of an Airtight Home
NGBS Certification
Winner Innovative Product IBS
Award IBS Best in Show
US Green Building Council member

What is AeroBarrier?

AeroBarrier is an innovative automated envelope sealing technology that aims to make energy efficient and performance homebuilding attainable for all builders. Certified as GreenGuard Gold and Built Green, our sealing technology safely and effectively seals the entire building, eliminating the problems and shortcomings of traditional construction techniques and replacing manual labour with an automated, computer-driven, precision-controlled operation.



  • Sealed Tight: AeroBarrier self-guides to all of the air leaks in the building and seals gaps as large as 1/2 inch, and as small as a human hair. It puts a gasket around outlets, can lights, and wires.
  • Compartmentalize: Since we seal each individual unit, AeroBarrier helps prevent sound, smell, and energy sharing between units. This boosts occupancy comfort and leads to long-term tenants who love their homes.


AeroBarrier Steps

Temporarily block windows and doors; cover electrical receptacles and switches; protect finished surfaces.

AeroBarrier Steps

Pressurize the space and its air leakage with a computer-controlled atomization system.

AeroBarrier Steps

Spray a fog of sealant particles that travels to the air gaps and holes.

AeroBarrier Steps

Allow the particles to build up around any gaps and holes to seal leakage areas without coating surfaces.

Canadian Construction Journal – Interview

The Canadian Construction Journal recently conducted an interview with Island Aerobarrier, delving into the business and cost-saving efficacy of their product in both new construction and home renovation markets.

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